Berceau LM-03

Off-center motorized round bed

100% customizable, made in France – 5-year warranty.
Pricing on request.

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Are you looking for high quality beds to furnish your room? Discover the revolving round bed with multiple features among our products offered on Revolving Dreams. With its elegant design and off-center motorization, this revolving bed is specially designed for luxury hotels and exceptional properties.

The main features of the revolving round bed

Equipped with a motor installed towards the edge of the bed, this round bed model, offered by Revolving Dreams, adds a real touch of flair to your room. Its variable speed rotation movements create an original ambiance in your room to help you relax before going to bed. The revolving round bed can be operated with a wireless remote control, using the remote-control box, or via a dedicated app on your smartphone. With our furnishings, you are sure to achieve a truly modern and luxurious look. For greater safety, the entire mechanism of the revolving round bed can be disengaged. The objective is to protect both individuals and the equipment. You can choose an additional option that accompanies the revolving bed such as the timer, as well as accessories like the adapted mattress, the bedside table, etc.

Motorized revolving round bed: a top of the range product for a sumptuous décor

At Revolving Dreams, we offer high-quality revolving round beds to furnish a luxury hotel room or high-end residence. We also work with consultants including architects, designers and property developers. They can order revolving round bed models to achieve a given style or curate a particular bedroom décor. The height and other dimensions of the round bed are thus customizable to obtain the desired size. With a 5-year warranty, the revolving round bed is a French-designed and -manufactured product that respects the European standards in force. The paneling is finished with a natural wood veneer. These round beds are highly unique and are available in a variety of sizes and shades to perfectly suit your needs. You can therefore choose the color and size of your choice to furnish your luxury apartments. In terms of dimensions, the diameter for mattresses and box springs is generally between 2 m and 2.40 m.

Pricing on request.

Patented mechanisms

Additional information

Bed options

Bedside Table, Cocoon, Mattress, Paneling

Technical specifications

  • Motorized Revolving Bed
  • Round bed from 2,000 mm to 2,400 mm in diameter
  • Other diameters on request
  • Off-center motorization
  • Disengageable mechanism
  • Adjustable speed and direction
  • Programmable operation
  • Wireless remote control
  • Power supply 230 v 1000 W maximum
  • Optional accessories