Berceau LM-60A

Bed on rotating platform

100% customizable, made in France – 5-year warranty.
Pricing on request.

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We are proud to present our top-of-the-range rotating bed platform, an exclusive innovation designed to transform the ambience of your suite or bedroom into an environment of luxury and relaxation.

Platform for beds of any shape

This made-to-measure solution adapts to all types of bed, whether round, square or rectangular, and is specially designed to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of design, comfort and technology. Equipped with a silent, variable-speed motorization, you can select the direction of rotation that suits you best, creating exceptional dynamics in your resting space.

Intuitive operation of the platform bed is via touchscreen or wireless remote control, giving you total control and ease of use. What’s more, a 230V power socket is integrated into the center of the platform, allowing you to power lighting, a TV screen or any other electrical appliance of your choice.

This platform isn’t just for your bed. You can also use it to place other small pieces of furniture or accessories, such as chairs, armchairs or bedside tables. The default covering is wood, but other materials are available on request.

Custom platform diameter

Our platform is fully customizable. Depending on the space available in your suite or bedroom, but also according to your needs. It can have a diameter ranging from 3 to 6 meters and a minimum height of 150 mm, and more on request. It can be recessed into the floor for a sleek, modern look, or placed on an existing floor for quick and easy installation.

With our top-of-the-range bed turntable, treat yourself to a total transformation of the look of your suite or bedroom. It combines elegant design, optimal comfort and state-of-the-art technology for a unique and unforgettable sleeping experience. The motor is powered by a 230V single-phase source.

Pricing on request.

Patented mechanisms


Technical specifications

  • motorized rotating platform
  • Diameter 3000 to 6000 mm
  • Minimum height 150 mm
  • Adjustable speed and direction
  • Programmable operation
  • Wireless remote control
  • Power supply 230 v 1000 w maximum
  • Default Wood finish