Cocoon beds

Discover our cocoon beds, a unique sleeping experience like no other. Imagine snuggling into a cozy and comfortable cocoon, completely isolated from the outside world, for a perfect night’s sleep. With our round cocoon beds, it’s now possible.
We offer motorized single or double round cocoon beds with a fully opaque fabric closure for complete privacy and deep sleep. The rotation speeds are adjustable, allowing you to choose the most comfortable speed for you.
All of our cocoon beds are guaranteed for 5 years and are made in France with the best materials. The quality of the manufacturing is our top priority, and our beds are designed to last. Each bed is assembled by passionate and experienced craftsmen, for unparalleled manufacturing quality.
Our cocoon beds are perfect for hotels, bed and breakfasts, spas, wellness centers, and luxury homes. They will bring a touch of comfort and elegance to any room, while offering an unforgettable sleeping experience to your clients or guests.
So, if you’re looking to offer your clients or yourself a unique sleeping experience like no other, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you design and manufacture the perfect cocoon bed for you.


    Cocoon centered motorized round bed

    lit rond luxe cocon pour adulte

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    Cocoon offset fixed round bed

    lit cocon adulte rond

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    Cocoon offset motorized round bed

    lit cocon tournant motorisaiton déportée

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    1 cocoon offset motorized bed 1 fixed rectangular bed

    deux lits fixes pivotants

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    2 motorized round beds 1 cocoon

    lit adulte design double

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