Berceau LM-16

Cocoon offset motorized round bed
Motorized offset arm and table

100% customizable, made in France – 5-year warranty.
Pricing on request

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The Berceau LM-16 is a motorized bed that brings style and character to a hotel suite or home. It is a quality piece of furniture with a unique design that is equipped with a rotating table. Discover this motorized revolving bed on Revolving Dreams.

The Berceau LM-16, a motorized round bed

The Berceau LM-16 electric revolving round bed is a Revolving Dreams product. This motorized round bed is one of the exceptional bed models that we manufacture. Designed and manufactured in France, this bed is equipped with an electric motor at its center which allows it to rotate on itself. It is connected to a motorized offset arm that serves as a support to rotate it around an axis. The Berceau LM-16 revolving round bed offers double rotation, which allows greater comfort.

A round table with a diameter of 1 m has been installed above the electric motor of the offset arm. It is motorized and can be used as a display. The rotating system of the round bed and the display can be operated with a remote control or an external control box. You can also use it from your smartphone thanks to an adapted app. The rotating speed of the revolving round bed is also adjustable.

The Berceau LM-16 revolving bed, a furnishing with excellent accessories

The Berceau LM-16 revolving round bed is made with quality materials such as natural wood and aluminum. The mattress and box spring that you can receive as an option are part of the various accessories available, allowing you to benefit from quality sleep. The Berceau LM-16 is also equipped with an opaque fabric cocoon that covers it completely when it is open. This cocoon is motorized and is composed of two half-cocoons made with hoops covered with an opaque fabric. When you operate the device with the remote control or the box, the hoops unfold and form a complete cover.

Our Berceau LM-16 product offers many advantages. It is equipped with a display or table and a cocoon that increases the privacy of the bed. It is rotating, which creates a truly exceptional atmosphere in your room. Its diameter varies between 2 meters and 2.40 meters, making it large and comfortable. You can choose the size that suits you based on your needs. You will also benefit from a 5-year operating warranty.

Pricing on request.

Patented mechanisms

Additional information

Bed options

Bedside Table, Central Table, Cocoon, Mattress, Paneling

Technical specifications

  • Motorized Revolving Bed
  • 1 cocoon
  • Round bed from 2,000 mm to 2,400 mm in diameter
  • Other diameters on request
  • Offset central motorization
  • Motorized central table
  • Disengageable mechanisms
  • Adjustable speed and direction
  • Programmable operation
  • Wireless remote control
  • Power supply 230 V 1000 W maximum
  • Optional accessories