Berceau LM-15

Cocoon offset fixed round bed
Motorized offset arm

100% customizable, made in France – 5-year warranty.
Pricing on request

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Are you looking for a bed with a unique design to put in a prestigious room? Revolving Dreams offers you the Berceau LM-15. This motorized round bed is made with natural wood and is a quality original furnishing that adds comfort to your nights.

Features of the Berceau LM-15 bed

The Berceau LM-15 round bed is one of the exceptional beds we offer here at Revolving Dreams. It is round, fixed and connected to a central motorized system by means of an axis. This is the device that rotates the round bed when you are on the mattress. The rotation system is activated by you via a remote control and you can adjust the speed. This state-of-the-art round bed brings style to a bedroom décor. It is equipped with an opaque fabric cocoon that covers the entire height of the bed when deployed.

This cocoon consists of two half-cocoons that are installed on each side of the fixed round bed. When you activate the system, they move into place and form a kind of nest. This nest provides privacy and a sense of security in the room, allowing you to relax and enjoy your nights. It also ensures your décor is unique and brings style and real comfort to your bedroom.

The Berceau LM-15 bed, a high-quality furnishing

The Berceau LM-15 fixed round bed is designed with quality materials such as natural wood veneer.

Like most of our products, the Berceau LM-15 bed is customizable with different accessories. It is available in several colors. The mattress and box spring also have different dimensions. Their diameter varies between 2 m and 2.40 meters. The Berceau LM-15 fixed round bed is therefore designed according to the choices you make in your request. All our products come with a 5-year warranty.

Pricing on request.

Patented mechanisms

Additional information

Bed options

Bedside Table, Mattress, Paneling

Technical specifications

  • Fixed round bed
  • Round bed from 2,000 mm to 2,400 mm in diameter
  • 1 cocoon
  • Other diameters on request
  • Offset central motorization
  • Disengageable mechanism
  • Adjustable speed and direction
  • Programmable operation
  • Wireless remote control
  • Power supply 230 v 1000 W maximum
  • Optional accessories