Berceau LM-19

Half-cocoon offset fixed circular bed
Motorized offset arm

100% customizable, made in France – 5-year warranty.
Pricing on request.

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Are you looking for an original and stylish circular bed for a luxurious hotel room or a large home? At Revolving Dreams we have exactly what you’re looking for, the Berceau LM-19 revolving round bed. It boasts a perfect structure and offers excellent comfort.

Presentation of the Berceau LM-19 revolving circular bed

The Berceau LM-19 round bed is a high-quality furnishing with a natural wood finish. This round bed rotates and is equipped with an electric device that allows you to activate its rotation. You can vary the speed of the round bed to create the atmosphere that suits you. Unlike other round bed models, our Berceau LM-19 revolving circular bed is covered with a half-cocoon of opaque fabric. It is motorized and operated by a remote control. You can therefore operate it while lying comfortably on the bed.

The cocoon is made of hoops on which the fabric has been fixed. It is integrated in a space built into the frame of the round bed. When you activate the cocoon, the hoops move into place one after the other until they cover half of the round bed. According to your desires, you can pull the cocoon over your head or make it disappear into the frame of the round bed. Every accessory on the Berceau LM-19 round bed offered by Revolving Dreams has been designed to guarantee the greatest comfort for the client.

A practical and décorative quality furnishing

In addition to being state of the art, the structure of the Berceau LM-19 round bed that we offer gives it a décorative look. Its original design will bring authenticity to your room. What’s more, the revolving round bed is available in different colors. The frame of our round revolving bed is well designed, giving the furnishing a very attractive look. This rotating bed frame can have plain or varied colors according to your needs. Our round and revolving bed will also offer you pleasant moments of relaxation and a peaceful night’s sleep. It is equipped with very comfortable bed accessories. You can choose from soft and plush mattresses and box springs that are between 2 m and 2.40 m in diameter.

Internal lighting is available to create a soft and zen atmosphere in the room. The Berceau LM-19 round bed is not only designed for luxurious rooms, you can also use it on a yacht. Comfortably settled into your round bed, you can enjoy the sea breeze and the beautiful reflections of the moon or the sun on the water. Our stylish round bed can also stand on a spacious, beautiful terrace in your garden.

Pricing on request.

Patented mechanisms

Additional information

Bed options

Bedside Table, Mattress, Paneling

Technical specifications

  • Fixed round bed
  • Round bed from 2,000 mm to 2,400 mm in diameter
  • 1 half-cocoon
  • Other diameters on request
  • Offset central motorization
  • Disengageable mechanism
  • Adjustable speed and direction
  • Programmable operation
  • Wireless remote control
  • Power supply 230 v 1000 W maximum
  • Optional accessories